Iain King On Broomhill Sports Club Coaching Day

This weekend the band of dedicated volunteers who put Broomhill Sports Club sides on the pitch every weekend will gather for our first annual Coaching Day.

UEFA Pro Licence coaches Eddie Wolecki Black, Gordon Young and Jim Duffy will bring their expertise to bear on three classroom topics before we head out onto the training pitch for an instructional session at Hyndland Secondary School.

It will be a day for me to attempt to strengthen the bonds between our coaching family, something I believe is vital for the future of BSC Glasgow as a whole.

Before that, on Saturday, Mark Adams’ side come up against Shelley Kerr, a coach who for me is a guiding light in self-improvement and never standing still.

Not content with being the first woman in Scotland to hold the prestigious UEFA Pro Licence, Shelley went on as a mature student to gain an MSc in Sport Management at the University of Stirling.

She wasn’t content to rest on her laurels and be satisfied bathing in the light of the flashbulbs that popped when she was appointed as the first woman to boss a senior professional side in British football.

Instead she has bettered herself both academically and as a coach. Constantly.

That’s the message I hope the BSC coaches take away from what I know will be a hugely productive day on Sunday.

As a coach every day is a school day and you have to dump the ego and be open to learning from everyone.

My UEFA A Licence training partner was Maniche, the star of Jose Mourinho’s 2004 FC Porto Champions League winning team. At first I was understandably awestruck by coaching with a player of that stature.

Then one morning at Largs before we did our Progressive Possession assessment session together we were setting out our bibs and cones and he muttered to me: “Kingy, I’m sh***ing myself here.”

Like me he was nervous at blowing his session in front of his Porto pal Costinha and the likes of Everton legend Leon Osman.

We got through it, the session flowed well, we got a thumbs-up from our SFA mentor Andy Gould and heaved a huge sigh of relief. A huge smile spilt Maniche’s face.

A small moment for the Portuguese superstar I know but a big lesson in the values of coach education for me.

Tomorrow we have a host of coaches who need support on their next step of their journeys - it’s hugely important that we give them it.

Enjoy the game on Saturday and have a happy and healthy 2017.

Iain King
Director of Coaching
Broomhill Sports Club

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